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Decorative Acid Stain Flooring

Here’s Why Acid-Stained Concrete Flooring Is Popular in Homes and Commercial Spaces

Marble, granite and other natural stone floors are beautiful. But appearance shouldn’t be the only consideration you make when choosing a flooring option. You also need to consider maintenance and durability. Marble and granite, for example, easily chip, stain, or scratch, so they need painstaking maintenance to avoid degradation.

If you’re not willing to commit yourself to pricey, high-maintenance floors, consider acid-stained concrete floors. Also referred to as acid-etched flooring, this option works for surface in various rooms including the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, entry way, and even exterior surfaces.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of these floors.

Concrete Stain Floor

1. Acid-stained flooring looks good

A highly experienced contractor can make your acid stain floor look nearly identical to many premium flooring options such as granite, marble, slate, terrazzo, and travertine.

Before the contractor applies acid staining to your concrete, they acid-wash it thoroughly. The acid finds its way into the pores and veins of the concrete, resulting in a texture and aesthetic that closely resembles that of natural stone floors.

After the veining takes effect, the contractor stains the concrete using the desired colors to give it an aesthetic similar to that of natural stone flooring. Many are surprised at how similar a professionally applied acid-stain finish is from many natural stone floors.

Applying acid staining on concrete floors is as much as art as it is a technical skill. So, even though you can save some money by going the DIY route, hiring a skilled contractor to do greatly improves the likelihood that you’ll be happy with the results years after the utility of the savings and the gratification of working on a project wears off.

How To Stain Concrete Floor

2. Acid-stained flooring is affordable

Among the main advantages of acid-stained concrete floors is that they’re cost-effective. This flooring option costs less per square foot than comparable flooring options. The cost of having your concrete floors acid-stained depends on the variety of colors used and the complexity of the project among other variables.

If you’re looking for a beautiful flooring option for your home or business but are limited by your budget, acid-stained concrete flooring is a great solution.

3. Acid-stained flooring is durable

Concrete is commonly used for exterior surfaces such as patios and driveways because it can withstand harsh elements and physical activity such as children playing or a car being driven on it. So acid-stained concrete floors a strong, long-lasting option for your high-traffic spaces such as where children play or customers walk through.

An acid stain floor lasts longer than comparable flooring options such as natural stone flooring. You don’t have to worry about chipping or scratch as you customers walk on the floor, pets running on it, or toddlers dropping hard toys on it.

4. Acid-stained floors are easy to maintain

These floors are not as high-maintenance as other options. Once a professional applies the acid stain on your concrete floors, you don’t need to worry about the floor losing its sheen, discoloring, or etching because you failed to polish it regularly. This is often the case with high-end floors such as travertine or terrazzo.

When etching and staining is completed, the contractor adds a layer or two of coating to seal in the finish. In addition to ensuring that your acid stain concrete floor last for years, the layer of coating also reduces the amount of maintenance required to keep the floor in good condition.

Water-based stains are also a good option

Even though acid stains are a popular choice among homeowners and business owners, water-based stains are also a good decorative concrete floor option that offers important benefits.

First, water-based stains are highly versatile as they offer a vast color palette with which you can achieve a vibrancy that would be unattainable with other flooring options. Secondly, water-based stains are also functionally beneficial as they are not easily discolored by UV rays and are not prone to degradation from crazing, cracking, softening, or delamination.

Lastly, these stains are not as harsh as acid stains, which makes them more environmentally friendly. If you’re interested in a green flooring option, consider water-based stains.

The benefits of water-based stains notwithstanding, acid stains are still the most common staining option. The popularity of acid-stained concrete floors is partly due to habit and partly because acid stain are highly versatile and durable.

Bottom line

Acid-stained concrete flooring is a popular option not only in homes but also for bars, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and businesses that need affordable, beautiful, and long-lasting floors for high-traffic spaces. Find out more about the best flooring options at

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