Slate Tile Flooring

Slate Tile Flooring in Lubbock Texas 

Slate tile is popular for use in both interior and exterior surfaces. Slate stone tile is beautiful, but expensive. The term “Slate” is often used generally for many natural stone types and looks. Slate and can take on a whole lot of different meanings depending on who you talk to. Many refer to any naturally cleft stone in the grey and brown color family as slate.

Slate flooring must be cared for and kept sealed. With genuine slate tile, water-based sealers are recommended. A sealer to protect against the elements is important to keep the beautiful tile looking great. Sealers are also great for keeping a high gloss or “wet look” finish. The sealer will also help prevent stains from penetrating into the porous surface and causing discoloration.  Water based sealers much be applied often, especially in high traffic areas, to maintain the maximum protection. For real stone, water-based sealers are a must.

Acrylic tile is formed with acrylic modified cement. Creating surface that is flexible, resists cracks and is twice the strength of concrete. With acrylic tile, other types of sealers can be used. Sealers that will provide more protection and longer lasting sheen on the tile surface. The Acrylic tile surface is created on site. Troweled over a concrete surface. Then patterned and colored to achieve the desired look.

Unlike slate stone, acrylic tile is easy to work with, can be created in custom sizes and patterns and is much less expensive. Acrylic tile is very versatile and can be used indoors or out. Also, very resistant to freeze/thaw climates.  

Of course, slate stone tile and other natural stone tile products will continue to be sought after for the unique one of a kind natural look that compliments a home or business. But for a cost-effective solution that provides the look of stone slate tile at a fraction of the price, ask about our acrylic slate tile. In Lubbock Texas call us for a Free estimate at 806-787-0318.



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